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These CE-marked tests are suitable for home or professional use. Tests are easy to use and less invasive than others, using a simple nostril swab within 2cm of the nose.

  • MHRA Registered
  • 98% test accuracy
  • UK-validated at Public Health England, Porton Down Laboratories
  • Significant stock available

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    The FlowFlex antigen test kit is a simple solution for detecting Covid-19 infections within seven days of developing systems or for individuals without symptoms to ensure they are not carrying the virus.

    We can partner, provide, and compete with all government tenders.

    • UK-validated at Public Health England, Porton Down Laboratories
    • Detects new virus strains
    • MHRA Registered
    • 8% test accuracy
    • Two-year shelf life
    • Next day UK delivery
    • Individually packaged and numbered
    • Results in 15 minutes
    • Non-invasive nasal only test
    • CE approved and ISO certified
    • Approved for home use
    • FDA authorised
    • Room temperature storage